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Spot The Difference Maze Puzzlillusion for So Many Monsters Online Slots Game

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maze puzzlillusion monster

Click IMAGE to view the maze-solution and difference spotted

Mobile Casino Roundup

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Online casino competitors in Canada can look forward to a wild ride of casino entertainment and thrills when they play online slots on their laptop or desktop PC or on their handheld mobile device. The Canadian online casino offers gamers numerous choices of three-reel classic slot machine alternatives and five-reel video slot machines from which to choose. Best of all, these games are available at any time and from any location on android tablets and smartphones, the iphone or at the ipad casino. It’s quick and easy to play mobile casino slots. Veteran gamers sign into the casino via their existing casino account while new gamers are able to open their casino account within minutes by submitting their email address, a username and a password. Once the gamer enters the casino lobby he navigates to the mobile casino tab where he is asked to submit his country of residence and his cell phone number. Within seconds a text message will arrive on his cell phone with a link to the mobile casino. Once the player clicks on that link he’s automatically in the mobile casino site and can proceed to access any of his preferred games at his leisure on his mobile browser. The casino connects to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets via both WiFi and cellular connectivity to ensure that, regardless of whether the gamer is waiting in line at the grocery story or watching the kids at the park, he’ll be able to play his favourite casino games at any time and from any location. The casino offers two gaming modes, the Free Mode and the Real Mode. The Free Mode is available to all gamers, enabling them to play any game for free for as long as they wish. Casino advisors suggest that players take advantage of this option and review the rules and strategies of each game before they play the game in the Real Mode for real. When a player is ready to play for real, he links his online casino account with his preferred digital banking account to ensure a smooth flow of funds to and from his casino activities. Canadian online casino-supported ebanking institutions include ewallets such as instadebit, evouchers, credit and debit cards and Internet banks that facilitate the transfer of funds to and from the player’s personal Canadian bank account. Casino-supported ebanks are supervised and regulated by the Canadian Financial Authority.

Maze of Roses

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Red Hot Devil Online Slots Game Maze of Roses

Maze of Roses | Online slots game Red Hot Devil |  Yanito Freminoshi MAZE + Puzzle  SOLUTIONS HERE

Several years ago, the Canadian online casino noticed that, in the midst of the gambling entertainment, some gamblers were looking for ways to take their online slots competitions to the next level. To meet this these players’ needs and expectations the casino added a whole new line of exciting elements to its online slot machines to offer gamers the opportunity to enjoy an enhanced slots adventure. Casino gamblers, including those who play at the PC casino, the Flash Casino, the ipad casino and the mobile casino, are now treated to new slot machine features which provide a more entertaining gambling event than over. One of the most thrilling innovations in today’s 5-reel video slots involves the 243 Ways to Win feature in which players complete combinations whenever three matching symbols line up on 3 adjacent reels. The combination is calculated as a win regardless of whether the pay ways were activated or not and regardless of where the symbols appeared on the reels. The 243 Ways to Win feature, casino advisors say, increases competitors’ opportunities to successfully complete the combinations since, with this element, they have 243 Ways to Win on each and every spin. Another game enhancer involves numerous elements which enable participants to complete their paylines. Historically, on 3-reel slots, matching symbols create a completed combination but in today’s slot machines there are multiple additional ways for players to win spins. Extra elements include wild symbols, scatter icons, rolling reels, stacked symbols, wild reels and other interactive components. In addition, the 5-reel slot machines generally offer Free Spins rounds that trigger whenever a specific combination or set or symbols appears. Gamers can even play a special Gamble Round which challenges them to bet their earnings to possibly double or even quadruple their existing earnings. Progressive jackpots are also available on selected slot machines in which players compete against gamblers from around the world to see whose spin will trigger the jackpot prize. The highlight of today’s slots is their accessibility – participants can enjoy slots entertainment at any time and from any location on their PC or mobile. The gamer simply signs into his casino account, links his paypal, instadebit or UKash ebank account to his personal casino account and begins playing at his leisure — while waiting in line at the supermarket, taking a work break, watching the kids play at the park or sitting outside in the backyard with the family cat snuggled in his lap.

Maze of Roses SOLUTIONS



How Online Slots Work

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Einstein QuoteIt’s fun to play online slots, especially for people who like to relax at home before setting off for a day of challenges and opportunities. A few spins of the reels can serve as the perfect beginning for a productive day. A session of online slots gives people a chance to catch up with themselves in the morning while getting a glimpse into how the stars are aligning for them that day. And if luck is on their side, they might start the day with some extra cash in their pockets. But even if luck is not shining brightly on some people on any particular day, the experience of playing online slots still gives a boost to the morning, offering a way to ease into the day while without disrupting the flow of energy. Starting with some online slots is more than a fun way for people to launch their day, but could even serve as a part of the routine that helps the mind focus on what’s important by letting it slowly adjust to the day’s reality. And it could be even better if people turn the online casino experience into a bonding opportunity with their cat or dog. People like to play with their beloved cat is purring happily in their lap while they play. It can turn a regular visit to the online casino into a memorable experience that will bring people close their pets, improving the quality of life for both.

Maze Puzzle of Hockey

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maze for canadian online slots game BREAK AWAY of hockey players

MAZE and PUZZLE of Hockey Players for the Break Away Slots | SOLUTIONS HERE

Addicted to counselingNew players to the Canadian online casino are welcomed with a generous sign up bonus offer that awards them match up bonus money that can be used for all of the casino games offered at the online casino. This is just one of the ways in which the online casino and mobile casino options differ from the land based casinos. The games are the same but the experience can vary greatly because of the incredible bonuses and special offers that online casino players receive. Together with the wide choice of online casino games and the fact that online casino players can review the games before placing bets contributes to the success of the online casino and the popularity of it. Players who have registered at the mobile casino version of their favored online casino are able to enjoy the casino games from anywhere and everywhere. The games are mobile, the player does not have to sit in one place, and he is mobile together with the games he has chosen to play. If the player has decided to enjoy a walk in the hills with his dog, he can also enjoy a quick game of slots or roulette as his dog gets his exercise with his link to the ipad through his ipad or through his Android phone or however he wants to play. The mobile casino and the online casino are available at all times of day and night and from anywhere thanks to the special connections of the mobile devices.

Getting to know the Poker betting system

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How betting and winning works in Poker

The Community Cards are those cards that are dealt face up on the table and which are used by the players to build their hands. After each community card is shown on the table, players have the option to Check, Bet, Raise or Fold. If there are 2 players or more who have not folded after the bet that follows the last Community Card being dealt then the game goes into the Showdown. Here, players will reveal their cards to see who has the best 5-card combination. The winner of the round takes all the money in the Pot is shared by all the winners in the case of a tie.


Compulsory bet

A round of Poker is kicked off by players making compulsory bets into the Pot. T comes right after players have been dealt their cards and before any of the Community cards are dealt. This bet is designed to indicate which players intend on playing the round after seeing their cards and which do not intend to.



The player to the immediate left of the dealer gets the decision of whether to make an official bet (open the Pot) or Check (pass the decision of opening to another player) after the compulsory bets have been made. A Bet is normally made when a player feels confident in his cards or at the very least is convinced that he can bluff all the other players in submission. If the player bets then all players who made the compulsory bet have the decision to either Call or Fold.



Checking is basically passing on a decision to the next player. In Poker, this decision can be whether or not to open the Pot or whether or not to Raise the bet. It has no effect on the growth of the Pot or anything else in the game apart from deciding which player is finally going to open the Pot. Checking will continue until someone opens the Pot or the Showdown is reached.



To Call or See a bet is to match the bet made and hence stay in the game until someone else makes a bigger bet in which case you have to decide once more whether or not to Call it. Since a player who makes a bet or raises a bet does so because he either has a good enough hand or wants to bluff everyone into Folding, Calling a bet is done with the intention to call the bettor on his bluff or because you genuinely think you have a better hand. In the latter case Raising is also a good option.



Raising is simply the act of raising the bet size to a higher amount. It comes into play after a player has opened and players have either Called his bet or Folded. In other words, in real life, a player would open the Pot with a bet, a few players would then Call his bet while others Fold. Once everyone has had the chance to either Call or Fold on the first bet, players henceforth have the option to Raise. If one player Raises the bet, then players have to once again decide whether to Call or Fold on the new bet. If no one raises the bet then players can either Check or Fold.



When a player places his cards face down on the table it is an indication that he is Folding, otherwise known as quitting the round. Folding can occur for many reasons but mainly because of the fact that the player simply does not have enough faith in the strength of his hand.

The Benefits Of Gambling Using Online Casino Bonuses

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Online casino gambling offers he modern player a list of benefits that help them win as well as further their bankroll. Saving cash is an essential especially if you plan on gambling on a regular basis. Players who have the ability to budget their cash usually earn more cash winnings and manage to keep their bankroll high. The more cash you have, the longer you play and the more you get to enjoy online casino gambling. So what if you too wanted to save some cash and benefit from online gambling in every way possible. Well here are a few gaming tips that should help you better understand how players should be budgeting their cash and how you can too!


Using Online Casino Bonuses

As you are most likely already aware of, online gambling offers players gaming opportunities that saves the player cash. One of the most popular benefits of online gambling are the casino bonuses that are offered to either existing members or potential members should they sign up. These casino bonuses are designed to attract new players as they promise fruitful profits to all players regardless of how much cash you have to gamble with.


Some of the most common casino bonuses include:

    • No Deposit Casino Bonuses: This is when players aren’t required to make any cash deposits at the online casino when they sign up.
    • Match Deposit Casino Bonuses: The casino will match the entire amount or a percentage of the amount a player deposits when they sign up or play as existing members.
    • Sign Up / Welcome Bonuses: This is awarded to players when they join a new online casino and become a member.
    • Casino Bonus Codes: Discounted rates on casino games.
    • High Roller Bonuses: This is awarded to high stakes players.

Where To Find Online Casino Bonuses

If you are a new member of an online casino and you are not sure where to find these ever famous casino bonuses, you should check to see if your online casino has a promotional page that allows players to purchase casino bonus codes, discounted rates and promotional deals. In some cases the casino will approach you with an offer that is hard to refuse and then there is no need to go and find these bonuses yourself. These are usually promotional deals offered to loyal casino players, so make sure that you don’t miss out on an opportunity such as this one!


Sign Up Bonuses

If you are looking to sign up with a new online casino, you may be interested in using what is most commonly known as a welcome bonus. This is an amount of cash, free games or gaming time offered to a player when they sign up and create an account. This is an excellent opportunity to view the quality of the casino and the games while benefiting from the profits of the online casino. Sign up bonuses or welcome bonuses can easily be spotted at top online casino sites or they can be found using an online casino site finder which will allow you to select a reputable online casino using an exclusive bonus deal.

Save money by gambling online. Enjoy the various bonuses offered by online casinos and enjoy playing all your favourite casino games while saving and adding to your bankroll!

How To Choose The Coolest Casino To Bet At!

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Online casino betting has taken on a new form! With all the available games, betting options and added benefits, who’s to say online gambling isn’t just the coolest form of winning cash! If you want to take part of this glamorous form of gaming, you will need to carefully hand pick an online casino that has the ability to transform your everyday routine into something bigger and better…and this is how you can do it!


Using An Online Casino Guide

Many seasoned online gamblers use an online casino guide to help them discover the coolest online casinos to bet at. These guides offer readers the opportunity to hand pick an online casino according to the games they offer, the bonuses available to potential members and cool betting options.


Can Reviews Help Me Choose The Trendiest Online Casinos?

Some sites offer readers a list of reviews to help them choose an online casino site to sign up with…and yes, these reviews can help you choose the finest online casinos to sign up with! Reviews have the ability to breakdown all you need to know about online casinos and what they offer their members. This will most certainly steer you on the correct path to choosing the coolest online casinos to bet at!


Play Free Games To Test The Casino Quality

Free games are offered to players for one of the two following reasons; online casino enthusiasts can test the quality of the casino by making use of these free games or players can enjoy these free games as a means of practice or simply for fun! You can take advantage of these free games and use them to steer you to the best online casinos! These free games will also help you figure out which games are more suited to your preferences. Once you have established this, you are ready to place your bets on the coolest casino games!


Online Casino News Sites

This could possibly be one of the best tools for gamblers to use when seeking out the coolest online casinos to bet at or sign up with. Top casino news sites provide readers with everything they need to know. They offer reviews, direct links to free games and casinos and they offer vital information regarding online casinos which quite definitely will impact your choice of online casino selection. If you want reliable, unbiased information regarding the trendiest, coolest online casinos then you will need to look for variety…which can be found at online casino news sites. News regarding the ranking of these casinos and top games are also available at some of these news sites which will help you in making the right decision.

When it comes to online gambling, choosing a cool online casino to bet at is really the least of your worries. There are so many guidance options along the way to help you; you can almost put that worry to bed! But do be careful! Choosing an online casino is essentially what you need to focus on in order for you to have the best online gambling experience!

How to Play Gold Miner Vegas Online

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If you have played casino games before then chances are you have heard about Gold Miner Vegas. Now players can enjoy this amusing and entertaining game online. Like most online games, Gold Miner Vegas can easily be learnt and played immediately thereafter. Enjoy a good few rounds and learn how to play Gold Miner Vegas online today!

About Gold Miner Vegas

Gold Miner Vegas is an online game that can be played at any time. The game offers vivid and colourful graphics with a cute story line that is bound to enthral viewers. The Vegas version of Gold Miner includes a series of challenges that steer players to try and reach the city lights of Vegas.

The game consists of a series of challenges where the player is required to stay alive and beat the odds! Race against the clock and achieve your goal before the timer runs out. In order to stay alive, players must avoid all bones and rocks while also keeping a distance from creatures that cross your path. If you need to get past large obstacles, the Gold miner has dynamite that helps you do so. Collect diamonds to earn big rewards and the bigger the gold nugget the better! There are mystery prizes up for grabs which keeps players guessing what they can win while they can also power up. A shop keeper is available in the game where players can spend cash, but do so wisely!

Don’t worry about being alone in the game, Gold Miner has a helper! Jewel Miner is the niece and pops up every now and then to help the player.


How the Game works

The game is played on a computer and players should have a working keyboard and mouse. Players can either use the mouse or directional arrow keys to move your Gold Miner. Treasures located in the ground are collected by the mining claw which is operated by the mouse. Enjoy this game and play online for the best gaming experience!

Can You Really Win at Casino Slots?

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If you are new to casino gaming you might be asking yourself if whether or not you can really win at casino Slots. The answer is a simple one, yes! Slots are designed with a payout ratio percentage. This means that you might not win at first, but if luck is on your side you most certainly will.

Online Slot Casinos


How Much Can I Win When I Play Casino Slots?

When it comes to casino Slots, players who bet higher, are generally more likely to win at the game. Now as this is not a strategic game, players are not guaranteed a win. It is just an overall percentage rating that statistics are based on. Players who bet maximum get higher payouts and make more winnings. If you bet lower you your winning payouts will also be lower. It is as simple as that.


How Do I Win at Casino Slots?

There are various methods to improving your chances of winning when it comes to casino Slots. Firstly, if you are new, you don’t need to worry about learning any rules or strategy. This is because Slots are a game that is based entirely on the luck of the spin. You can however, read about the Slots game you are playing. Find out what winning combinations are and what the symbols represent. If you are ever in doubt, seek out free Slots games. This means that you can play for free and without the stress of losing cash. Once you are more confident, you can sign up with a casino and begin to play for real cash.

The best way to improve your chances of winning is to select the highest jackpot machines. These offer the most rewarding winnings and payout large amounts. The only catch is that the player needs to be max in order to access the jackpot. So make sure you select a machine that you can afford. There are hundreds to choose from and each offering various coin sizes, creating a suitable game to fit almost anyone’s bank roll!

Find the perfect casino Slots game for you because yes, you can win!

Do you Really Get Casino Free Play?

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It’s true; you really do get casino free play! This is the best possible thing is you want to play casino games but you are either financially unable to do so, or still very new to gambling and more than a little nervous to jump in at the deep end. Finding Casino Free Play isn’t even as difficult as you would expect, casinos are open to the idea and there are even lots of casinos that are entirely free play based! In this article we will talk a little bit about the casino free play options you have available to you, and how to find the best places to play casino games for free.

All about Casino Free Play options

When it comes to casino free play, you have two options. The first option is better for new gamblers who are a little nervous about possibly losing money on games that they don’t understand. Casinos offer practice play mode- here you Play Casino Games free of charge but also without the possibility of winning anything. This is great of you’re learning the ropes! The second option that you have when you are looking for casino free play is simply to find a free play casino. These offer you the chance t play for free and possibly even win some ash while you are at it! BE careful though, as not all of these are actually as free as they say that they are. Use a casino rating site to help you find the best play to play casino games free of charge. When you aren’t paying for your games is the ideal time to try out next things; see if you don’t have a new favourite casino game lurking just around the corner! Shop around for a casino that offers you the best deal, don’t settle f anything less! Make sure that the support team is up to scratch as you never know what could go wrong, and when you might need a hand.

All in all, enjoying a little casino free play could help you get better and maybe even win- give it a try today.